EpiReset Peel™ is a Non-Acid, professional treatment system that addresses resistant pigment issues while allowing the provider to customize the post treatment regimen for the patient. This customization process will adjust the potency of the home care based on the patient’s history of previous skin care treatments, including their retinoid accommodation level and their reaction history on previous peel procedures. It will enhance efficacy in the individual patient while reducing the downtime and discomfort associated with other procedures. Patient compliance with a targeted home care regimen, that is crucial to the long term treatment needed to effectively manage pigment issues, is greatly improved due to achieving quick results with visible pigmentation while reducing the down time in the first week after the procedure. This system is especially effective for the higher Fitzpatrick skin types where strong peeling acids or thermal based treatments are contraindicated. 

Who Can Benefit ?


-Loss of elasticity


-Texture irregularities

-Reduces pore size

-Safe for all skin types

-PIH Conditions